Greenfield Village

We were on a short vacation that involved some historical touring. We traveled to the state of Michigan and visited the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.  From our house, it should have been just under a six-hour drive.  It took over eight hours.  We had to stop and find so many bathrooms. 
The museum was nice.  They had a great collection of trains and cars and farm equipment.  Greenfield village included a huge assortment of historically significant houses and buildings.  I walked through the cottage where Robert Frost lived and worked.  There was a lot of cool stuff to see and it was very interesting.  Although at some point it became obvious that it was all a rich guy’s obsessive collection.  This man had enough money and power that he could simply pick up and move the home of his favorite childhood teacher to be part of his collection of buildings.  It’s beautiful and fascinating but also creepy and uncomfortable.
I loved the artisan section of Greenfeld Village. I’m a sucker for historically relevant craftsmen.  I could sit and watch people performing these hard skills forever.  The sawmill is near and dear to my heart since I previously worked in that profession. I think my favorite was the grist mill.  With a stone like that, you could grind enough flour to make a lot of pancakes. 


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