Ten years ago, my family bought me a home greenhouse. It’s a tall, skinny wire shelf with a plastic hood. You aren’t a serious gardener unless you have one of these season-extending beauties. It was a great birthday gift but I’ve never figured out how to use the thing. It’s too big to fit anywhere convenient and it’s not big enough to serve a purpose. So, for the last ten years, it has been taking up space in the garage. Occasionally, it gets in the way and I think that I should put some plants in it but that would be too much work. Earlier in the fall, I needed to move it and my fingers went right through the plastic. The sun-magnifying layer of plastic is now hanging in tatters. It’s time to get rid of the greenhouse.

I’ve been learning how to silkscreen. The other day I used a new product to clean my screens and it went so well that I decided to clean two screens at one time. I was now working on two screens at once and I needed somewhere to put them. The wire rack from that old greenhouse is the perfect size for the screens. With the fan on the bottom and the light on the top, there are enough shelves for three screens.

I killed two birds with one stone. I have a rack for my screens and I got some junk out of my garage. Although, now there is a greenhouse in the middle of my studio…

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