Guitar People

There are two types of guitar people.

You might be thinking that it’s electric guitar people and acoustic guitar people. Typically the electric guitar people can also play acoustic guitar. So, it’s probably better defined as electric guitar people and non-electric guitar people. Without a doubt, I am a non-electric guitar person. I was working on restringing my electric guitar and it didn’t end well. It’s similar to the difference between changing the tires on a Model T Ford and my wife’s minivan. I’m currently waiting for some replacement parts. But these are not the categories I am talking about. This is more of a style preference than actual types of guitar people.

It could also be rhythm guitar players versus lead players. I think this might also be a style classification. I have never been a lead guitar player because I’ve never tried to play lead guitar. My Weird Folk songs have never needed me to play lead guitar. I’ve always considered myself a good rhythm player but that might be because I’ve never tried to play lead. However, these are not the main types of guitar people.

There are two types of guitar people. There are guitar players and people who own guitars. Occasionally, I might be mistaken for a legitimate guitar player but the truth is that I will always be just a guitar owner.

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