Hand Song 2.0

Wednesday Words

I thought about writing you a poem
With words like cherish and adore
Too bad, I’m not a poet 
I thought about picking you some flowers
I would put them in a vase with water
Too bad, they would make me sneeze
So, I’ll give you my hand
It’s all I can afford to lose
Hold it as long as you want to

I wrote these words more than 20 years ago.  When I read them, I instantly feel all of the things that were happening along with these words.  If I were writing it now, there would be many different word choices.  It isn’t bad but I think I could do so much better.  I have wisdom that only comes with age. If I were writing “The Hand Song” now, it would be a completely different song and I wouldn’t have this song.  These words are like a photograph.  This song represents a very specific moment in my life.  I would never change a single word.