Hannah and the Handbells

August 29, 2021

[aiovg_video id=15908]

It’s hard to describe how awesome this felt.  My kid helped me create this art.  For this arrangement of Pancakes, I knew I wanted this handbell sound on the break. 

As some backstory, her grandmother gifted these handbells to her granddaughter as a Christmas present ten years ago.  Don’t judge me.  I know they are technically a toy.  They sound perfect.  A set of handbells are a tricky instrument for an only child.  You can really only play two bells at a time.  There is not much that you can do with two bells.  Good news, now she has some siblings and we can take this bell choir on the road.  

These handbells were exactly what I wanted for the sound on the break.  It was incredible to sit down and work out this part together.  The sound was perfect.  More importantly it was something very special that we did together.   

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