Happy New Year 2023

The way that we celebrate this holiday is kind of awkward.  We stay up too late so that Grandma can leave a big pink kiss print on our cheek.  We eat stuff that is guaranteed to wake us up at the butt crack of dawn due to crippling heartburn.  Every year, we make the same vows and resolutions, believing that the date holds some form of magic that will enable us to achieve something that we have never been able to do in the past.  My resolution this year is to stop making broad generalizations about my life with no actionable steps to achieve the broad generalization. 
There is no magic with New Year’s Day.  There is no physical reason for this specific date to mark the new year.  There is no star in the sky or celestial event that determines this is the new year. There was an emperor that made up some holidays in his own honor and then the church got involved.  Things escalated and now we celebrate the New Year on January 1st. There is no magic and no good reason for it.  
The thing that I love about this holiday is that the whole world celebrates it.  Even in countries that hold their New Year’s celebration on a different and more culturally significant date, they still acknowledge this global New Year. This gives me hope.  Despite all of the war and turmoil in the world, we all begin a new year on January 1st.  When the zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, or inevitable societal implosion occurs, we might be able to all agree on a solution.  If we can all agree on a somewhat arbitrary date in January to mark the new year, humanity might survive.  
Happy New Year to all of the Weird Folk!!!  


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