Hard Man verse 1

I discovered some words in an old notebook from 2018. They sparked a melody and I set it to some chords. If you are keeping score, the progression is a minor 1, minor 4, and a major 7. This is not a conventional progression. Playing it feels a little bit like breaking a law. This song was buried deep in the bonepile. It was a tiny scrap of marrow waiting to make soup. 
The first verse came together right before I got sick. I had to wait two weeks before I was able to get back to it.  All I could think about was working on this song. It now has a solid second verse and the third is underway. I recorded the first verse and you can listen to it here. I can’t wait for this one to be done. I wrote a post recently about writing a song to achieve a certain feeling. “Hard Man” may be that song.