Hobo Stew

I recently finished a track for the next record. When I posted about it and shared the recording, we had some questions about the guitar solo. You are correct, I am not that good. It is not me playing that electric guitar part. My friend Brandon, AKA Hobo Stew (you know I love nicknames), laid down some blazing guitar for this track. Hobo Stew and I met many years ago when I was playing sad acoustic music in a coffee shop. He was just a kid and not yet known as Hobo Stew. Some years passed and several epic beards later, we reconnected. We were working on some music together just before “The Great Shutdown of 2020.” I knew that I needed some smooth electric guitar for this mix and I knew he was the right guy to call. Hobo Stew is a master of tone. I am hoping that we will make a lot more music together in the future. If you want to hear it, there should be a music player below. If it doesn’t display, click the link to view this post on a web browser and you should see it. If you still can’t find it, let me know. I want you to be able to hear this sweet, sweet guitar tone.


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