Homegrown Rocker

I remember the first time that I heard my music on the radio.  I’m not gonna lie, it was rather incredible.  I just heard myself on the radio again. I’m not gonna lie, it is always rather incredible. 
There is a show on our local radio called Homegrown Rocker that features regional music. It’s hosted by “The Professor” Jim Price.  He is the leading expert on our local scene. He recently did a review of Busted Banjo. Brother Professor is good at his job and I am grateful for everything that he does to make our scene better. He was spot on with his review.  It made me feel a little bit giddy to hear him describe the record in exactly the way that I hoped it would be described.  Creative endeavors are a fickle beast.  It’s satisfying to know that I found the bullseye for which I was aiming.  
If you want to hear his review, check it out here.  Scroll down to the player and select the episode marked “Homegrown Rocker 030622 Part 3.”  If you are incredibly impatient, you can skip to the 20 minute mark.