I’ve always thought that if times got tough, I could do anything.  I know there are a handful of professions that I am excluded from due to physical limitations.  I could never be a professional basketball player. There are a couple of morally objectionable professions that I would try to avoid. I’ve done some time in the janitorial profession.  I’ve cleaned up some nasty stuff.  I think I could do most anything.  But I’ve found another entry on my short list of jobs that I refuse to do.  
Hannah is away at a district orchestra festival. They are all staying in a hotel for three days and two nights. It’s a hotel full of high school-aged orchestra nerds.  Can you imagine what four fifteen-year-old girls could do to a hotel room? You couldn’t pay me enough to be part of that housekeeping staff.  Hannah is very neat for a teenage girl (I have to say that, she reads all my posts).  Honestly, she is very neat but with four girls, that is a tremendous amount of long hair stuck in that sink drain.      
Other than time with her grandparents, this is the longest we have been without Hannah.  We have all missed her.  I hope she had a fantastic time. I hope she made some great friends and some great music.  We will be really glad to have her back at home.  I’m glad I don’t have to clean those hotel rooms.