How It All Began, Carousel Theme 1

Final leg of a journey 
Started last week
Out here on the road
Searching for something more
You’ve always been such a friend
You say come on down and stay awhile
This road leads to your door
It will lead me to your door
It will lead me to you
Round and round and round and round
We’re talking in circles
Trying to be honest
Afraid to say too much
Trying to say it all
Afraid of being honest
You know I’m not telling you everything
You can see it all in my eyes
I’d like to tell you everything
I’m the boy you’ve known so long
Did you know I had a crush on you
The girl I’ve wanted for so long
With that sparkle in her eye
She says maybe she only sparkles 
When I’m around
And that is how it all began
Everything must have a beginning
This began before we ever knew
It’s how it all began