Important Stuff

Thank you for skipping that last political crap piece to read this.
I had a plan for this week’s post and this is not it.  I have been set back by technology and distracted by life.  I had a plan and best intentions got dismissed. This will be very cliche but right now, it is more urgent.
In my attempts to become a “semi-professional-creative,” I have been bogged down and waylaid by lots of logistical burdens.  I have cursed my internet speed. I have lost hours trying to get PayPal set up correctly.  I am flooded by the sheer volume of specific social media sites necessary for a creative career. How do I link Twitter to Facebook?  How do I monetize YouTube? Does monetizing YouTube compromise my artistic integrity, damage my ethical standards, or completely annoy people with commercials? I want to create and I have been stuck dealing with details. Hopefully, once it is all set up, I can proceed to the task at hand… until some new method, vehicle, or medium becomes the next big thing.
Without going into detail, we are dealing with a death in my wife’s extended family.  I am grieving for the family and struggling with the tragic details of a life cut short.  I have spent all day frustrated with the time spent doing things that do not “feel” important.
I spent three hours sorting through stacks of old CD’s, looking for some masters that “feel” like they will make everything worth it. The entire time spent searching, all I can think about is laundry, dishes, dinner, diapers and everything else that must be NEXT.  There is no NEXT, only NOW.
Find something that is truly important. Contemplate if it really is important and then abandon ship because it is not as important as you think.  Hug your babies tight. Demonstrate to someone that they are more important than the activities you think you should be doing.  Spend a quiet moment with another human being.  Tell a stranger they matter.  Love someone. Do something important, now.