I’m trying to learn something new. I like learning new things. I’m trying to learn how to turn a drawing into an editable digital image. I want to convert my iconography for “Not as Regular” into a t-shirt design. I can’t get the stick figure heads to fill in properly. This is one time when I need a hole in the head and I can’t make it happen. It seems like something that should have a simple solution. I’ve had no problem learning how to use the program but I don’t understand how it works. I seem to be missing something fundamental. I think this is the key to learning something new. The technical part can be learned but the foundational concepts must also be understood. Let’s imagine that you want to order a perfect meal at a French restaurant using the French language. You can learn to speak French but you also have to understand French cuisine or you won’t know what you are ordering. Details are attainable. The big picture is the key to learning.


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