It Didn’t Work

I am sure this has happened to you too. I had a plan. I spent all day working on my project, according to plan. When I got to the end of the day, I realized that I had nothing to show for my time. I guess that is not entirely true. I had a long list of things that didn’t work. I know all of the tempos that are too fast. I am aware of the many strum patterns that sound awkward. I know that after playing the same pattern on the bass for an hour my hand cramps the whole way up to my elbow. I know the arrangements that won‘t work. I know that, if I accidentally delete the video footage from my camera, there is no way to recover it. Today, I learned about all of the things that I should avoid doing when I dig into it tomorrow. I know that I can never finish the project if I don’t start again.


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