Joyous Noise on a Tiny Blue Drum Kit

August 15, 2021

[aiovg_video id=15792]

My first single for the Busted Banjo project drops tomorrow. It is an arrangement of my song called Joyous Noise. It’s all about finding joy in really annoying sounds. For example, the repetitious chirping of the early morning birds that remind you to be grateful for another waking day. I have been approaching the studio a little differently for this project. I’ve always had a thing for arrangements. I have always known how I want things to sound. I can hear it in my head. In the past I have used the instrument and players most readily available to create some reasonable facsimile of what I hear in my mind. For this project I am working hard to not limit myself. I am chasing the sounds as far as I am able. I am banging, thumping, grunting, and discovering whatever method I can find to create the sound that I want to hear. This song needed me to play a rudimentary rhythmic pattern on a tiny blue drum kit. Don’t judge me, I used a big boy chair.

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