Judgement Artwork

My Judgement project is a collection of songs that I wanted to tell a story.  I love concept albums and those types of projects. I love a record that tells a bigger story than the individual songs.  

I worked on this project for years.  I was constantly tracking and re-recording.  I decided, in order to finish it, I needed to set an arbitrary deadline. My wife was pregnant which provided a perfect goal. The album must be finished by the time the baby was born.  She was two when I finally released it.  I really love this record but I have never been satisfied with how the songs sound.  I think I tried to squeeze too much into each song.  Despite my misgivings, this project does mark the beginning of my signature “drunken gospel” style.  This has been my most pivotal project in determining who I am as an artist.

The artwork was done by my friend Tara.  She created an amazing relief carving for this project.  I love these kinds of prints more than any other medium and her vision for a project never disappoints.  We handprinted the artwork for the physical copies. If you are lucky enough to own the CD of this album, you know how great it looks.  Sorry, it is sold out.  We would consider printing more someday.  Let me know, if you want to hold this thing in your hands. ****update: I found some in the basement. We have a very limited number of these bad boys left. If you want one, get it quick. Visit our store.