Kisses and Idioms

Wednesday Words

I’ve forgotten how to kiss and mean it
Eyes wide open, staring at the sun
With every slip of the tongue
I become a little more dumb

This might be the best chorus that I’ve ever written but I don’t know what to do with it. I keep pulling it from the songwriting bonepile but it goes nowhere. I think it’s a metaphor for something. Maybe a list of kissing related idioms will help solve this song.

Kiss and make up 
Judas kiss 
Seal with a kiss 
Kiss it goodbye 
Kiss and tell 
Kiss the ring 
Kiss of death 
Kiss the ground  
Kiss up to someone 
Tongue in Cheek  
Lip service 
Do you kiss your grandma with that mouth? 
Nope, that didn’t help.  
Did I miss any kissing expressions?