My little girl loves to tell me stories at bedtime. These stories usually involve a unicorn doing something like eating sandwiches and then everybody in the story goes to sleep. I could listen to these stories all day. The most recent story involved some people walking through the woods. Near as I can tell, I was one of the main characters.  We were lost and trying to find a house to spend the night. The first house was nice but not the right house. The second house was also not right for a range of other reasons. We decided to stop and spend the night at the third house.  “When we woke up the next morning, everything was all kitteny.”  “Wait, what word did you just say?”  “Kitteny, you know, everything was kitteny.”  “What is kitteny?”  “It means the whole place was covered in kittens.”  Of course, I shoud have known. It’s very similar to unicorny.