Laundry Day, Carousel Theme 2

It's laundry day again
I'm out of clean socks
Start the water, add the soap
Well, here’s a load of mine
Throw in what you got
We’ll separate it later
We’ll watch it all come clean
Wash it all clean
You will come clean
Round and round and round and round
Around it goes
It’s getting warmer as it gets drier
It’s getting drier as it gets warmer
There’s nothing like a clean, warm shirt
It’s got to be clean and warm
You are so warm
Open the dryer door
Out tumbles a mass of clothes
Your favorite things to wear
Tangled up with mine
Here’s my blue corduroy’s
You say I look good in them
They’re twisted round your favorite sweater
Twisted up with your sweater
Twisted up with you
I’m tangled up in you