Let it Grow

When the seasons start to change, I get the urge to change my face.  I’m not talking about plastic surgery. As a beautifully bearded gentleman, I am referring to beard length.  I suppose non-bearded individuals would experience the same sentiment.  The equivalency would probably be the desire to have your hair cut or styled differently because you simply need a change.   
Trimming a beard shorter or completely shaving it off requires a decision.  Sometimes this decision requires much contemplation and some emotional buildup to conquer the moment.  Other times a shearing is an impulsive act.  Either way, when you grab those clippers a change will happen.  Being satisfied with the results is a different subject altogether.  
Deciding to grow hair longer is not a single decision.  A longer beard will require a series of decisions. It’s a commitment. In the fall, I always get the urge to stop trimming my beard.  It’s like there is an internal clock ticking down to zero and I must grow my beard as fast as possible if I am going to achieve a full Santa in time for Christmas.
I think there is a metaphor here.  Many life decisions happen quickly.  You make a change and then you have to live with the consequences. Sometimes, making a change requires a daily commitment. Many (maybe most) of my most important decisions have required a lot of growth and dedication. There was a daily commitment to stop trimming. Personal growth is a lot like growing an epic beard.  
In case you were curious, the verdict is still out regarding my face.  I guess we will find out eventually.