Let’s Talk About Me

If I were being honest, I would have to admit that I am superficial, vain, and completely self absorbed. I am an artist and performer, it comes with the territory. Surprisingly, the necessary part of being an artist that is hardest for me is writing a decent biography. It has always been tough. I have experienced a range of pain during my life and nothing compares to the excruciating extraction of a one paragraph summary of me.

There are a lot of instances that require a couple of sentences about current projects or influences or guitar style. This should be easy. Nobody knows me better than me.

Maybe, the issue is that I feel artistically claustrophobic when I try to define my sound. By writing a paragraph about myself, I am metaphorically painting my work into a corner.

I wrote a new biographical blurb last week. I was in serious need of an update. It is good enough for now. At some point, I need to write a longer version. Perhaps, I should pay someone to write beautiful gushing prose about my genius. I will never be able to write it. Anyone, up for the task? Just make sure you mention that my guitar playing is incendiary.