Love Bug

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was a nice day.  We had some fantastic Chinese takeout.  Then I forced my family to sit down and watch a movie with me.  I subjected them to the original Herbie movie from 1968.  The Love Bug is about a tiny, magic VW that loves to race.  I am aware that the representation of women and Asians is culturally obsolete. Despite these flaws, I am a sucker for the classics. All of the old Herbie movies were a really important part of my childhood.  I remember laughing and cheering with my family on a friday night.  I was able to witness an amazing evolution that happened in my twins (age 6). Initially they were skeptical that they would enjoy the movie.  They thought that Herbie’s antics were a trick or simply bad driving.  There is a point right before all of the main characters hit rock bottom where the magic happens.  They began to see the car as an animate character.  They became emotionally invested in the feelings of the car.  How can a car have feelings? In the final race, everybody was cheering for the little car.  “I love you, Herbie!!!!”  It was a great birthday.