Memorizing Songs (Moonwalking With Einstein)

I have always considered myself to have a bad memory.  I struggle to memorize songs.  I’ve had several head injuries and I assume there is a correlation.  Even with songs that I have played 100 times, I have trouble remembering the words.
The difference between a good folk musician and a mediocre one is the ability to recall and perform many songs.  Musical ability is not the most valuable currency.  Being great requires knowing an astounding number of songs. I have always considered myself mediocre.  
I recently started reading a book called Moonwalking With Einstein. It’s about memory champions.  I know it sounds crazy but you can be a champion at the art of remembering. I am hoping to uncover the secrets associated with having an extraordinary memory.  Am I doomed to forget everything?  
I’m almost halfway through the book and I have not yet developed any memory superpowers. The book insists that champions are not born with freakish memories.  They begin with normal abilities and through much training, they can do extraordinary memory feats.  The idea that the ability to remember is something that can be trained has given me incredible hope.  I’m going to keep reading.  I don’t expect to find any quick hacks.  I guess I need to devote some time and energy to memorizing songs.  Maybe with some training, I can overcome the notion that I have a bad memory.