Mistakes Were Made (The Sneeze Edition)

I am feeling the love. It’s good to know that so many people read my Daily Dispatch. There were at least three people, unrelated to me, that let me know that I screwed up yesterday. My dispatch was wrong. The content was from a week and a half ago and somehow, it ended up in the body of yesterday’s post. I would have written yesterday to tell you how sorry I am to send you redundant content but I saved it for today so that I had something to write about.

I want to go on record and blame the robots for this mistake. The accidental story was about the robots tracking us and how I was going to stand up to them. I don’t know why it was advantageous for the robots to send this story multiple times. I tried on three separate occasions to rectify my mistake and it never worked. The robots kept blocking me.

I know some of you are wondering about “The Sneeze.” I will include the unadulterated post below and we will find out how badly the robots will fight to prevent you from reading this incredibly bring story.

“I had a terrifying vision. I was standing in a huge room with a beautiful white carpet on the floor. I was holding a very full glass of red wine and my nose slowly began to twitch. I was going to sneeze and there was nothing that I could do to stop it. I know how this ends.“


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