July 28, 2021

Today we went to the museum.  I have been trying to prioritize one day each week to spend with my family.  No work, just something cool.  
When Hannah was little we went to the museum all of the time.  The twins are 5 and they had never been to see the dinosaurs.  Things have been weird.  You remember, you were there.  
We love the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It is a cool museum and it is the closest, geographically.  It is a two hour drive.  Most things that we do are a two hour drive.  The drive is worth it.  
The twins were a little apprehensive about seeing the dinosaurs.  I think we forgot to mention that they weren’t real-live dinosaurs. Sorry, only skeletons.  We had a great day.  At one point, we were headed to the car but had to go back in to see the dinosaurs one more time. I would say it was a win for the museum. 
The most important thing learned today was that urinals are for urine only.  No poop in the urinal.    


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