Musselman’s Grove

Today, I played a show with Ride the Song at a venue called Musselman’s Grove.   It was incredibly hot but completely worth it. This venue had been host to a comprehensive list of country music legends.  They claim that Hank Williams and the Carter Family played on their stage.  I saw photos of Grandpa Jones and Minnie Pearl.  Musselman’s Grove was a huge hot spot for several decades.  For one of their last shows, which happened to be a Hee Haw reunion show, they had over 5000 people crammed into this small yard.  This was a family-owned venue.  As with any family, they had some disagreements and conflicts.  For the last 50+ years, it’s been growing moss.  A very committed family member was able to sort it all out and rebuild this beautiful venue.  I’m so glad it’s been reopened.  I can’t believe I played on the same stage as so many of my heroes.