My Back / I’m Back

I had developed some healthy routines by the end of last year.  I was getting some daily exercise which included a return to recreational running. It took some practice but I got to the point where my jogging was no longer embarrassing.  I had surpassed the Frankenstein crawl. 
The holidays happened and all of my good habits stopped.  The beginning of the new year is when most people start new, healthy habits.   Not me, I quite all of my healthy habits in January.
Right after the New Year, I injured my back.  Don’t worry, it’s not major and it was definitely my own fault. Fortunately, I have been able to rehab it back to a functional level without any invasive actions.  
When I was a kid, my Dad had a number of back issues that required a range of surgeries.  Whenever my back gets tight, I worry that I am headed in that direction.  Thanks to lots of ice and constant stretching, I am finally back to dragging my feet along on some slow walks.  Respectable jogging is still way off in the future.  
Fresh starts are good.  I wish it wasn’t a self induced set back but I am trying to focus on the possibilities. There is a lot of improvement that can happen when you are starting from zero. 
I am also making a commitment to myself that I will write daily.  Daily blogging is another habit that I somehow lost during the winter holidays.  
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