My Favorite Old Sweater

This song is about my favorite old sweater
You will know what I am talking about 
Everybody has a favorite old sweater
You’ve been through some stuff together
Breakups, kisses, kids, fights, and personal tragedy
But mostly it’s a dependable garment 
You get that first crisp, fall morning
The seasons are trying to changing, you are not quit there yet 
You don’t want to turn on the furnace but it is chilly
You curl up with a blanket 
You got a hot cup of coffee and everything is perfect
It’s all cozy and you know you got that sweater on

There’s a grease stain on the collar
A tiny bunt hole on the front
And the entire left sleeve is trying to let go
Get off while the getting’s good
Been spit up on by all three kids
Been to some weddings and a couple funerals
When I die, I want to be buried
In my favorite old sweater

Well everybody’s got a favorite old sweater
Except maybe your’s isn’t a sweater at all
Maybe it’s an old college sweatshirt, has some Greek letters on the front
It’s advertising your favorite sorority
It’s probably not something you wear out of the house
But when there is a chill in the air, it’s the thing you want to have on
Maybe it’s an old  flannel shirt 
Left over from your old grunge music days
The elbows are worn out from throwing haymakers in the mosh pit
It’s missing every other button
It’s got a rip in it, down here from that time
Well you know what I’m talking about
It stays in the bottom of the dresser drawer
It’s just an old rag really, but you could never part with it
because it’s always been there for you

My old sweater wasn’t original to me
This is a hand me down sweater 
Pre-owned, gently used merchandise
This sweater originally belonged to my Grandfather
I don’t remember for sure if he gave it to me 
Right before he died or maybe it was just after
Well, I guess he couldn’t have given it to me after he died
That would have been weird 
But somehow I ended up with this sweater and I’m glad I did
I don’t have any specific memories of Pap wearing the sweater 
I am positive it was not his favorite old sweater
But I know it belonged to Pap and when I put it on, I think of him
He’s been dead now a long time
I’ve been wearing the sweater out for 20 years, anyhow
We’ve been through some stuff, me and this sweater
Even though it’s had plenty of time to air itself out
The first time every fall when I put it on
It always smells like he is standing there next to me
It’s that first chilly day, you go outside, and you really need a sweater 
And you are walking to the park with the kids
And everyone has their little favorite sweater on
And the leaves are crunching underneath your feet
And you are thinking about having soup for dinner
And your dreaming about great big pumpkins and all that basic stuff
The chilly, crisp air blows through the half naked trees
And the smell on the air, I am sure
There must be a ghost smoking a pipe in my sweater pocket

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