My Forgotten Valentine

Broken and Beautiful – part 1
I wrote a song on Valentine’s Day in 2013.  I vividly remember writing the song.  It was a very emotional process and it felt really important at the time.  It was about neglect, child abuse, and kids exchanging Valentine cards at school. I called it My Forgotten Valentine.  You have never heard this song because in the light of day I discovered that it was not good. It wasn’t the worst song that I’ve written but it was awkward and a little creepy.  There have been numerous times when I got out this song and tried to fix it but it always seemed beyond repair.  Despite being a long song, it never seemed to be going anywhere.  Overall it was weird but not in a good way. 

I’ve written many songs that come from the bone pile. The bone pile is where I keep lines, phrases, and notions that someday could be a song.  I don’t know if My Forgotten Valentine was in the bone pile because technically it was already a finished song. I recently came back to this song one last time.  Instead of trying to rework the pre-existing song, I carved it up.  The chorus was catchy and there were three or four lines that were quite good. I pulled out a rib bone and created something completely new. This new song is appropriately called Broken and Beautiful. Stay tuned.