New Music from 2004?!?

I’ve got some new music coming out.  
Well… it was new back in 2004.  But you have never heard it so it still counts as new music.
I wrote these songs with my sister and we got together with some friends to make Painted Smiles.  We put it out into the world with big dreams.  Then we promptly moved in opposite geographical directions.  The project kind of fizzled as life continued to happen.  It’s a really good record and it belongs out in the world.  I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to re-release Painted Smiles and that’s dumb.  The longer I wait, the less opportunities you have to hear it.  I’m sorry that I’ve waited so long. It will be available on March 25, 2022.  You can listen on my bandcamp site or grab a CD from my store.