New Music Monday – Valley of Dry Bones

November 7, 2021
A couple years ago, I got mad about life and quit music altogether.  I felt like I was in the middle of a desert sucking the metaphorical sands of failure.  When I picked up a guitar, nothing came out.  I  didn’t have it anymore.  I had lost all interest. Fear can be so consuming.  
One random day, I had percolated long enough.  I picked up the guitar and wrote this song about a snake that had been taunting me.  This all came out in one burst. In about fifteen minutes a song existed where it hadn’t before.  I was back and fully committed to chasing wherever the songs would lead.   
The last track from my Busted Banjo project is available everywhere today.  It’s a song about a snake, overwhelming fear, and being trapped in a dessert.  I’m glad I got out of that desert and I can’t wait for the next song.  

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