No Filter Needed

September 7 2021

I like to think that I am an absolute, spontaneous creative that constructs my art from scratch at every step of the process.  The truth is that I employ some templates.  I have some go-to moves.  For vocals, I have a pre-saved standard for my EQ, I use a vocal preset on a warmer plugin, and I typically add some saturation.  

I was recording some accessory parts for my new arrangement of Boom Boom Ticka Ticka.  I had not listened to the vocals since I recorded them two weeks ago.  I was really impressed with the way the vocals fit in the mix.  For a song like this, I would normally turn the stank knob way up because these vocals need some grit.  I checked the channel because it sounded so good and I wanted to see what I had done previously.  There was nothing.  It was a completely clean track.  That’s right, no filter needed.  This was all me.  

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