No Proof

I had a recording session with my friend Brandon. I needed a wicked guitar solo for one of the new songs. I had a truly epic time. We drank a lot of coffee and talked about everything. We solved all of the problems with religion, we discussed the rare bright spots in pop culture, we dismantled all political thinking, and we wrote a thesis outlining the major stylistic differences between C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. We also managed to carve out a couple of minutes to record some guitar for “Statue of Liberty.” The rough mix is done and I can say that it sounds perfect. We were so busy having a nice time that I neglected to set up the camera. There is no content for social media. I have zero proof that any of this happened. Maybe I don’t even have a friend named Brandon… I listened to the tracks. There is no way that I can make a guitar do what he did and that is all of the proof I need.


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