Not Just For Bacon

Weeeeell, hey. It’s everybody’s favorite old uncle. That’s right. It’s me, Uncle Boozie.

It was getting dark and I heard a sound coming from the shed. That’s where my “production facility” is located. I was concerned that a perpetrator with evil intent was committing some nefarious deeds. The shed is where the medicine is made, where the happiness is produced. I was scared that someone was tampering with the assembly line or maybe even stealing the fruits of my labor. They may even be trying to ascertain my secret recipe. So I went out to investigate but I didn’t want to go empty handed. So I grabbed my old frying pan. A cast iron skillet is not just for bacon. You could hit someone with it. I went out in the dark to the “production facility” to find that black hearted criminal but they weren’t there. It was nobody. Nobody was there. Since me and nobody were there together, it seemed like a good time for a little sample…


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