Nothing Wrong With My Eyes

I was sitting in the waiting room at the eye doctor’s office. My wife’s appointment required her eyes to be dilated and therefore she needed me to be her driver. While I was waiting, an elderly man and woman came into the office. They must have been new to the practice because this grumpy old man assured the receptionist that he didn’t need glasses and he didn’t know why he was there because “nothing wrong with my eyes.” They sat down next to me. She scrolled on her phone while he filled out a stack of paperwork. When he was finished, he threw the clipboard at his wife. “Take this up to the receptionist so we can get the (expletive) out of here.” She must not have trusted his ability to fill out forms because she carefully checked every answer on his stack of paperwork. She started laughing. “For marital status, you marked divorced.” “No, we’re married, I marked married…”

Sure, there was nothing wrong with his eyes.

Coincidentally, when my temporarily blind wife, stumbled out wearing giant sunglasses, she told me that I’d never looked better than I did at that moment. There’s nothing wrong with her eyes either.


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