Now it is May 15, 2017

img_0610Check out my “NOW” page to learn more about now pages.  This is what I am working on right now:
It is May 15, 2017.  Two days ago, I turned 38.  I am at home in Altoona, PA
I am finally almost completely normalized to being a stay at home dad, until tomorrow.  All five of us are overwhelmed by the end of the year activities at school and we are all looking forward to summer vacation.  Transitions are always tough and we have a number of details up in the air, things could look very different this summer.  For now we all have a pretty good routine and I am able to squeeze out a little time to be an artist.  Today on the way home from the bus, a bird pooped on my baby girl’s head.  Some day’s are like that.
I am taking a break from the Sound Cloud project.  It was a great accountability tool and I intend to continue it in the future.  I need to take a break to focus on some other things (see below).  If you missed it, here are the 14 songs I have completed since January.

I think we might have a tangible plan and some potential studio dates to get things started on the new record with The Lost Cause.  It won’t take long.  Its going to be an old school, lo-fi, quick and dirty kind of project.  It will be called “Baptized” and it’s the first of a three-part series.
I am still trying to blog regularly although I am not holding myself to a set schedule.  It is good to practice writing as much as possible.  I am experimenting with some other formats, styles, and genres but nothing concrete at this point.
I am spending a lot of time in the garden.  There are a lot of weeds to be pulled. Then again, who am I to determine if a plant has a right to coexist with my cucumbers?  Mostly I just love playing in the dirt.
I have started running again.  It doesn’t happen as often or as regularly as I would like but they are literally baby steps.
I am also playing regular shows with Ride the Song.  We do mostly covers of awesome country, blues, folk, and classic rock tunes.
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