October 24, 2020

I pulled this tender morsel from the bonepile. It came from my voice memo app, where many half-formed song ideas wait their turn. It was labeled as October 24, 2020. I have to assume that is the day that the idea was born. It’s a guitar riff over and over for a minute and a half. The only discernible words are “and away we go.” I had no idea where to go with the song but I kept coming back to it. It’s a catchy tune. If a songwriting session ends and I am humming the tune, the idea deserves some attention. I have tried taking this idea in several different directions. I haven’t been able to find a narrative that fits the melody. I tend to be a words-first kind of writer so it’s not surprising that I am struggling. I have revisited this idea, once a week for almost two months. I was on the verge of sending it back to the bonepile when I realized that it’s already a song. Actually, it’s many songs. They are all four lines long and they all utilize the same tagline. “Hey, Yeah. Hey, Yeah.” It has never felt like a full and complete song but that’s because it’s better in small chunks. I think I am going to turn these bites into a series of little songs. It’s a “Hey, Yeah” stew.

It’s a song about chocolate cake. It’s a song about being haunted by a former lover. It’s a song about meeting someone new. It’s a song about spring. It’s a song about burping when you drink beer. It’s a song about a plumber. It’s a song about a bad day. Stay tuned because this tiny song is going to be many things.


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