Old Man Vocals

October 19, 2021

[aiovg_video id=16336]

I sometimes enjoy listening to my really early recordings.  The quality of my voice is so weird.  I sound so young.  It’s really adorable to think about the pathetic baby that was commanding that tiny little voice.  “I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger.”  Regardless of my level of wisdom, my voice on those recordings will always sound young. There is a lot less miles/songs/abuse on those vocal chords. 
I was working on a vocal track in the studio today and it was haunting in a different way.  It struck me that I was listening to my future voice.  For some reason the track was old man vocals.  I don’t know what made it sound the way that it did.  It was surreal, like I was listening to an older version of myself.  I cried a little bit.
(I know that Halloween is happening soon.  Please don’t be angry by the Christmas jams.)  

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