Old Masters

I was scouring a hard drive, trying to clean out all of the old junk. On the same day, I was working on a list of potential songs for my next record. On that hard drive, I found the masters from my very first recording project. One of the songs is called Old Photographs. I think a new version of this song will be on the next record. If the very sketchy documentation is accurate, I was 19 years old when I wrote this song. I can’t remember the emotional catalyst behind it. I don’t remember who it was about or why I wrote it. There is a seed of something in this tune that might grow into a good song. The first verse and chorus work. The second verse needs some work. The guy that wrote this song was a mess but there was the seed of something decent in him as well. Maybe when the new version is finished, I will let you hear the original.


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