Narration 1, Once Upon a Time

In classic fashion
We begin our tale 
With once upon a time
Once upon a time
The scene
Could’ve been anywhere
Let’s say in early spring
And for characters, only two
But like any good cast 
We have our share of ghosts
Our characters, I’ll choose fitting names
We’ll call them the Princess and Hero
Princess and the Hero
Friends could be lovers
If circumstances were different
Princess sits on the edge of her bed 
Haunted by our Hero, now retired
Our late Hero
And Hero, miles away
Sits on a barstool thinking about the past
Call it misinformation
Call it paths not taken
Or just cal it poor timing
Hero, I say hero
But he’s really just a boy without a clue
A traveling musician
Ready for the road
Looking for inspiration 
Our brave Hero
And Princess, an ordinary girl
Walks a path others have chosen for her
She searches for courage to walk her own path
She knows she wants so much more
Once upon a time
Once there was a time
Every good story must have a twist of fate
Circumstances do change
Circumstantial evidence
And Hero is at her doorstep
Friends could be lovers
Maybe, once upon a time