One Minute Songs

I try to share new videos with the Daily Dispatch subscribers before they go out to the hoi polloi.  For a while, the Monday Dispatch has been reserved for the current week’s One Minute Song.  Life has been oppressive and I am far behind schedule.  I can not share with you the new video for this week because it doesn’t exist. I regularly post to Instagram on Wednesdays.  I might get a video finished by then but I hate to rush the magic.  
I can’t believe that a One Minute Song is something that I spend time trying to make. Attention spans are so short.  I love epic songs that are at least 12 minutes long. Surprisingly, I have enjoyed the challenge of trying to deliver a cohesive song in under a minute.  Why am I creating songs that are under a minute you ask?  The robots demand it.  The Instagram platform requires their reels to be under a minute.  This is allegedly the most efficient way to find new listeners for my music at this point.  My “marketing strategy” has always been to simply be the best version of myself, hang out with the weird folk as often as possible, and follow the song wherever it leads. I don’t mind experimenting with these “new strategies” as long as they are convienient.  I guess this week, it wasn’t.