One Minute Videos

Lately, I’ve been making a lot of videos that are one minute long.  One-minute-long videos are the current big thing.  The internet gods have decreed that our attention spans can only stay focused for a maximum of one minute.  I doubt this is truly due to our attention spans but one minute is what they want.  
I have to wonder if this isn’t a chicken or the egg kind of situation.  Does social media demand brevity because we can’t pay attention longer?  Or do we struggle to pay attention longer because they demand brevity?  
It’s hard to fit a song into a minute.  I can’t stand it when I’m watching something that is good and it cuts off awkwardly.  It’s like the creator made a great video but was too lazy to look at a clock and we end up with a portion of a great performance.  I need closure.  Don’t leave us hanging.  The social media platforms help get my music to more people, so I must play by their rules. As much as I am complaining, I do enjoy the challenge of telling a cohesive story and singing a satisfying song in under a minute.  Creativity flourishes with limitations.  

You can watch some of my one minute long videos, here.