One Word

Everybody knows the song called Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash.  Even if you hate country music, you have heard this song.  Every line in this song is fantastic but at the end of the second verse is one of the most iconic lines of all time.

		But I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

I heard a great cover of this song by Keb’ Mo’.  Check it out, here.  He is a blues legend and a genius with a guitar.  Everything he does is fantastic.  He has some tracks that could definitely qualify as weird folk.  He tells a story at the beginning of this performance about being asked to cover this song.  He says he was uncomfortable with the violence of this iconic line and received permission to  change it.  

		Said I shot a man in Reno, it was just a lie

He essentially changed one single word and it magically became a completely different song.  I had goose bumps.  One word and it’s a different guy sitting in that jail.  One word changes everything.  I need to be more careful with my words.