Out on the town!

For the first time since the twins were born in March, my wife and I will be simultaneously leaving the house without kids.  I am playing a local gig tomorrow evening.  I will have dinner ready for everyone by the time she gets home from work.  As soon as everyone has food in front of them, it will be time for me to leave.  She will feed the babies and get them ready for bed.  At bedtime she will come to the gig and I will already be playing.  Her parents are staying with the kids. When its over, she will leave and I will pack up.  By the time I get home, she will probably already be asleep.  We are really looking forward to our night out together.
I play with a band, Ride the Song, and we have a regular gig every third Friday of the month at Oak Spring Winery.  We play a lot of summer festivals and initially a regular occurring event felt very different for us. I think all three of us have developed a sense of home with these shows.  It’s not quite like Norm walking into Cheers, but more like going to your favorite diner where the waitress doesn’t know your name but remembers what you order every time.
The crowd includes a lot of close family and friends.  This provides a very forgiving audience and also the harshest critics.  We get very little practice time, so these shows are a great avenue for working out some new material.  Some experiments have worked and some have not.  Trying out a new song in front of a crowd as opposed to a self gratifying closed practice has made it far more obvious when a song does not work.
These shows are very relaxed and a fun way for me to get out of the house at a time when I don’t get out much.  It’s great to support a local business and we are striving to grow our fans one glass of wine at a time.  If you are interested, check us out on Facebook for specific times, etc.
Back to our date night, I might have made it sound silly, but we are actually looking forward to it.  She has some friends that will be there and it will be nice to both be somewhere that isn’t our house.
Maybe I will get all crazy and be a stupid romantic and dedicate a little something for my special lady…who will be doing her best to not fall asleep…and then I will forget the words but she won’t notice…and I will think the harmonica is a baby crying and get distracted and have to stop in the middle…
This will be a much needed night out together.
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