Painted Smiles – Artwork

In case you haven’t heard, I am reissuing a record that we made back in 2004.  It’s called Painted Smiles.  I made this music with my sister and I am very proud to be putting it out now.  
Mrs. Brother Jack made the artwork for the project.  The CD insert lists her with her maiden name.  I can only vaguely remember the evening she did this painting.  I remember struggling to find an idea for the album art.  She had this concept from the beginning and knew exactly how it should look.  She grabbed her paints and made it happen.  
We were called Clive Staples at that time.  The CD artwork lists Clive Staples on the front.  If you purchase a CD, don’t be confused.  I delicately cropped the original to get the artwork for the digital version.  There are all kinds of rules about the artwork matching the artist name.  Weird internet rules can make things tricky sometimes.
I love this artwork.  It perfectly embodies the sounds of the record.  It means a lot having made this project with so many important people involved.   I wrote the songs with my sister.  She sang them all.  We made the music with some great friends.  My wife created the artwork.  It feels like a perfect slice from the life I was living in 2004.