Peppers and Fairies

A friend gave me a couple of green bell peppers last week.  My garden doesn’t contain any pepper plants.  I love peppers but they give me awful heartburn.  It seems more prudent to avoid the temptation.  I’m grateful for the kindness of friends.
My twins are convinced that they love red peppers but hate green peppers. They have seen and been aware of the green peppers sitting on the counter in the kitchen countless times in the past week.  Overnight, the magic happened.  When green peppers get ripe, they turn red.  It’s nature and it’s beautiful. This morning in place of the green peppers, red peppers were sitting on the counter and their little minds were blown.  They were so excited about the red peppers and they kept asking where we got them.  Of course, I told them that it was the work of fairies.