Piano Lessons

My son is interested in playing the piano. We agreed that I would give him some basic lessons this summer. He did great for the first couple weeks but we have reached the point where he turns into a weird demon-possessed cat when you remind him to practice. While he was hissing and spitting about how he shouldn’t have to practice and how we can’t make him practice if he doesn’t want to, I had a flashback to when my mother tried to teach me how to play the piano. She tried hard but I’m afraid there were multiple occasions when I transformed into a demon-possessed cat. When I was a kid, my mom was the best church pianist in a three-county radius. Now, she doesn’t play at all. I’m not sure what happened. While I was watching this miniature replica of myself fighting the piano, it occurred to me that every single day is a mirror image of a day that has already happened. Today’s mirror is one of those weird carnival mirrors that makes you look like a demon-possessed cat. Time is weird.


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