Princess and the Hero is 20

It was on this day exactly 20 years ago that I stood on a stage with my band and we were performing all of the songs from my record called “Princess and the Hero.” It was a release party for an epic record. I had written and recorded this project in total secrecy and this was the big reveal. It was a grand romantic gesture. This release show was the moment. We performed all of these gushy love songs, I had a ring, and I asked my girlfriend to become Mrs. Brother Jack. She said yes. Right there in front of everybody. All of that romance worked. The problem with being that romantic is that it’s a very high bar. It’s been impossible to even come close to that level of lovey-dovey-sap.

You can listen to the record here.

Princess and the Hero is 20 years old!!! To celebrate, the CD is on sale for the rest of the week.

Princess and the Hero CD


This CD is our Princess and the Hero album. Originally recorded in 2003, this is the first time a CD version has been available since 2005. If you still jam to CD’s or you just like to have something to hold onto while listening to streaming music, check this out.

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