Princess and the Hero

Released May 24, 2019

This is the tale of a minstrel named Hero and his quest for love. Although considered a fairy tale, this story is not altogether fictional. Our story begins with travel-weary Hero leaving the road to pay a visit to Princess. Hero attempts to win Princess’s favor with a song. The magic of the song prevails and her heart melts. Upon attaining the prize he has desired, Hero fears he must leave his minstrel life. He sells his guitar to give Princess all the riches he can provide. In turn Princess sells her riches to buy a guitar for Hero. This story has no happily ever after, but a decision to be made. Despite the uncertainty of how life will end or where the journey will lead, Princess and the Hero determine to make the journey together. Unafraid of the cliche, this is a simple love story not altogether uncommon. Above all else, this is a tale of the joy found in undeserved blessings. 

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