Producer’s Block

I think that I am experiencing a weird form of block. It’s like writer’s block but it’s happening in the studio. I guess it’s producer’s block.

Last week I was complaining about a kazoo part in “Idea 9.” I mastered this track in July and here I am still questioning the quality of my work.

I have a finished master for “Statue of Liberty.” Despite being very happy with this finished version, I’m starting over from scratch. I got a new guitar and it demands that I record the song again.

I took a very long time finding a perfect mix of vocals for the chorus of “Old Photographs.” I called it finished because I was burnt out. I think I need to give it some more time.

That’s three out of seven songs. This record is taking forever but it feels too important to risk getting it wrong. At this rate it should be done sometime in the year 2034.

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